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To be able to get a web page to receive thousands of visits from web users, it is important to have very attractive content that is able to catch the attention of the audience and keep them interested in what that website offers. This is however not enough to convert this objective into a reality.

SEO is very important for the performance of websites.

One of the most used methods by professionals on the web today is the positioning of web pages in search engines since this is the main source for the development of any website.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is responsible for improving and maximizing the characteristics of a website to improve the position of the website.

This should be achieved in all existing search engines if what you want is to have an optimal position compared to many other pages that offer content quite similar to what you offer.

Proffesional SEO Services

If you have no knowledge about how to optimize a website, the best option is to hire a professional.

This is not a process that is done directly and pays through a deal with the search engines, but rather it is something much more subtle on that part. It includes the improvement of the content of the site.

If you want to do a job of this type is important to have the necessary knowledge of SEO. Otherwise itis important to contact professionals who offer SEO services.

Who is responsible for SEO development?

SEO development professionals are people who work in companies that have managed to position multiple clients in the top positions of the search engine, in this way they all secured thousands of visits on their website, attracting the public to whom all the content is directed.

These people who are in charge of this study are constantly monitoring the algorithms that exclude search engines, in this way they can understand what a web page must accomplish in order to have a better position. As previously stated, this should be done every day, so it is extremely important to understand that at the time you request the services of an SEO professional, it will take a long time to find an effective solution for your website.

Most common SEO algorithms of search engines.

The algorithms of search engines are dedicated to monitoring and discarding websites that do not meet their standards so that they have the correct elements to be in the top results.

The professionals of the SEO services every day have to deal with this so that they will be able to create an effective solution for each website that they improve.

Among the most common algorithms of a famous search engine, such as Google, there are 4, each with a particular name and a specific function:

– Hummingbird: This algorithm is directly related to the user, that is, it is one of the most interactive since it must be able to guess the user’s intentions through the words entered in the search engine the search wishes of the user, having as the main tool the words introduced by the user.

– Google Panda: This algorithm’s main function is to analyze and classify quality web content, that is, it makes a deep review of the information that belongs to and rests on the website. This is synchronized in real time, that is, each time a page makes a modification, it analyzes it immediately and classifies it positively or negatively as the case may be. If for some reason you are penalized by this algorithm, but you revert the problem quickly, you will immediately recover your old position.

– Google Penguin: This is a very delicate algorithm, which Professional SEO Services treat with great care since it is in charge of evaluating all the links contained in the web. Unlike the Panda algorithm, it is not updated in real time, so if you lose your positioning due to some penalty, even if you revert it will stay that way until the algorithm is executed again.

– Pidgeon: this is responsible for validating local SEO, which is often forgotten by SEO professionals and who still form a fundamental part of the strategy in general.

Types of SEO.

Although Professional SEO Services strategies may vary from one website to another, we must bear in mind that they can be addressed in different ways, which will lead to the achievement of an objective that is the same for all SEO service professionals.

There are 2 types of SEO that are commonly used in strategies and making improvements to websites.

– Active SEO: For the realization of the strategies of this SEO, certain activities are taken into account that manages to position the content completely oriented to a specific group of people, that is, the chosen public to offer them the product, service, information, among other things. They are applied constantly.

– Passive SEO: The activities developed here are not based on the content alone, but embroider all the elements that accompany the web development of a page. For example, the correct combination of programming codes so that from the beginning the algorithms of search engines do not exclude your website.

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