Forgiving Yourself

Why is forgiving yourself so important?

You might think that forgiving yourself is not important, but it is much more important than you think. Holding something against yourself can restrict you in achieving your life goal.

Realize you aren’t alone in your suffering is the first important step. Your suffering could be deep and terrible, but it isn’t unique. Realizing this makes it easier to take your first step in the right direction.

Forgiving yourself is among the single most important actions one can take to become whole again after you have been through some type of trauma.

Forgiving others

Although it can be very difficult for you to forgive people that have done you wrong, it very important to do so. Holding a grudge or being bitter towards someone, can keep you from reaching your own potential. Unforgiveness can also make you sick as your body reacts to this unforgiveness in your soul. You have to learn to leave the guilt behind

Apart from forgiving others, you also need to forgive God. Many people hold a grudge against God as they feel that God has allowed the situation. The truth is that God only wants the best for you. Situations, people and satan allows these bad things to come over your path.

Once you have forgiven God and other people, it is time to forgive yourself.

How to forgive someone practically.

You can either forgive someone in their absence or in their presence. When someone is absent when you forgive them, just speak their name out loud and say… so and so, I forgive you. Every time the anger rises in your inner man, just repeat the words of forgiveness, until you start feeling the emotion that follows.

Sometimes forgiveness can take a very long time, but keeping at it will eventually help you break through.

Forgiving Yourself

I remember one time when I had a bad business relationship and I just had a very difficult time forgiving my ex business partner. Every time I saw him in the street I had to bite on my teeth and decide not to run him over. I started to forgive him every time I saw him. Eventually after a couple of years, things started changing in my heart, and I became healed. Once the healing started in my heart, I no longer thought of the bitterness, and my whole being started reacting to him in a positive way. Only then was it possible for me to forgive myself for my part in the entire deal.

A clean heart brings healing

When there is no bitterness in your heart, then you can hear the voice of God clearly. Having no bitterness also helps your body to heal. When you start doing research on the correlation about sickness in your body and bitterness in your heart, you will be amazed. There is such a strong correlation between the two that it is absolutely mind-blowing.

If you do it for nobody else, then at least consider forgiving yourself for your own sake. Living in peace is most probably one of the biggest gifts of life. It is in your reach and only you can choose to make that decision. The people around you will also benefit from it, and you will experience a better life.

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