Attitude towards life

Changing my Attitude towards life

During the past year I had some very difficult times. I believe that one of the things that helped me get through all of this was my Attitude towards life. Don’t get me wrong, it was not just having this bright attitude all the time, in fact, at times I really sucked at it. But things changed… let me explain.

My wife got very ill and we had to move to our children’s home so that there would be someone all the time to look after her. At first it was extremely difficult. I was totally out of my comfort zone, and in unknown territory. We had a word from God that she would be healed, but everything did not just changed. In some sense I think I was forced to be thankful for everything.

Being Thankful

Everything became so bad at one stage that I had to hold my breath in the mornings just to make sure that she was still alive. When I heard her breath, I would be so relieved and thankful all at the same time. This is where my attitude towards life started changing

I once heard someone saying that depression is not being thankful.. I am not a specialist on any of this, and I will not speak my opinion on it, but I would like to say that in my case it was true.

The moment I started becoming thankful for the smallest of things, my life changed. The spirit of heaviness lifted of my shoulders.

How can you change your Attitude

Changing your attitude is all about a decision that you make. Your situation can be totally hopeless (like mine was) but you still have to decide. The moment you make that decision that life is good and no matter what happens, you will keep a good attitude, things will start changing for you. Maybe you will not get the outcome that you have hoped or prayed for.

I want to encourage you, that no matter what your circumstances are, that you will look at life in a new perspective.

Life and Death is in your mouth

I learned that everything you say is true in your life. Whether you speak life or death over your situation, it will come to pass. I know, that it is extremely difficult to speak life when they tell you that your wife has 12 weeks to live.. Somehow God has helped us to pull through, he heard our prayers and he kept her alive. Did I doubt at times? Yes i did, but we did not believe the fears and we did not speak them.

How difficult your situation seems to you, take courage and speak life into your situation. You have the choice. Make the right one, and you will stand in victory and see life coming into your situation.

Believe that anything is possible

Whether you are a believer in God or not, there are certain spiritual laws that governs life. You don’t have to believe them for them to be true. Just like you don’t have to believe in gravity for it to be true. You can say I don’t believe in gravity, jump from the roof and bear the consequences.

One of those laws is that what you believe will come to pass. Your brain is extremely powerful and does not know the difference between truth and lie. It believes what you tell it to believe. Through things that other people said to you and things that believed over the years, you mind has been trained to think in a certain way. You can change that. You can speak life on a regular basis to yourself. You mind will start to reprogram and it will think what you wants it to think. Once it starts to think different, your actions will start to change and you eventually your life will come in line with it.

Don’t accept the negative situation tat you are in. If you are willing to change, everything around you will change. Remember changing your attitude towards life is a choice. It is your choice.

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